Maximum car policy

Silvia Staff asked 3 years ago

Hello I have a question I got hit by a car on June 2013, the car hit my knee and threw me to the street; I had laceration to my head with stitches. Because of the accident I had to have knee surgery and also a have 5 bulged back disk hurt. Been in therapy for a year already and the lawyer said that the insurance agreed to settle for only $25,000 that’s the maximum because that’s the lowest policy that the driver had. Now I been having a intensive headaches and told the lawyer not to accept the settlement yet, but he says that the insurance won’t pay more even if I have head injury because the highest that they’ll pay is $25,000 for that policy. I would like to know if my lawyer is telling me the truth or he just wants to end the case already, can I argue the insurance for more money if I have head injury?

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juliekreutzer Staff answered 3 years ago

It is true that some policies are very low but that’s certainly one of the lowest I have seen.  Still, you could ask your attorney to sit down and review the policy with you just because it will be less frustrating to see it in black and white. If you are satisfied that this is the maximum amount, you could ask if he has done an asset search to see if there is property such as real estate, a house, etc. that could be pursued.  It’s unlikely that someone who got a low policy like this has substantial assets but it is possible.  In any event, tell him that you are only willing to sign off on the settlement if you are certain there is no other available money or assets to satisfy the value of your claim.  If your attorney is unwilling to do this, get a second opinion since most attorneys would understand your desire to be sure of this.