Roof repairs on my neighbours side

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LIUFA Staff asked 4 years ago

Hello. There was leak on the roof and it was leaking so badly that I would get a bucked of water per raining night and ceiling interior fell in. I called my insurance and they said that they need to inspect roof first to identify the cause of it, as it was assumed that it was storm. After inspection they said leak was caused by wear and tear and not by storm and that I am on my own. I then hired contractor to fix it. I live in house that is split in two parts, two different entrances however we share same roof. Then contractor did the job, reason for the leak was stated as bad window insulation on neighbour property. So I asked my neighbour to split the cost of repairs £850 of total of £1.7k. She refused because I did not asked her before fixing the roof, but before fixing the roof I didn’t knew that fault was on her side in the first place.
I then asked in my insurance would cover the costs, since my neighbour roof is 3rd party that caused damage, and reason to fix the roof was to prevent more damage to be caused to the interior of the house (I am still covered by contents insurance so they agreed to cover interior repairs). Who should I pursue? My neighbour or my insurance company?

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Legal_Eagle Staff answered 4 years ago

Are you sure you want to sue your neighbor who lives right next to you?

LIUFA Staff replied 4 years ago

Absolutely, if I would not sue them that means I have fixed their roof for free. Which I had no intention to. I am assuming by your question that I have greater chance of success going after my neighbour?