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Lola Staff asked 4 years ago

My brother is in Violation of probation in GA.  He is currently in jail in FL.  Once is released from FL, can he use time served in FL towards his new sentence in GA?

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Legal_Eagle Staff answered 4 years ago

In Colorado, time served is discretionary; in other words, it is up to the judge.  To be honest, probation violations are not viewed with high regard.  This may impact the Judge’s discretion.  It probably will come down to the severity of the violation.  A local GA lawyer would help especially if your brother has a lot of potential time served.

Lola Staff answered 4 years ago

Thank so much Mr. Falco.  It’s all uncharted territory for me.


Philip Falco Staff replied 4 years ago

My pleasure. How did you find thx

Lola Staff answered 4 years ago

I did a Google search looking for an answer to what I thought was simple answer and after several attempts to ask, it always came back with a fee ranging from $36 –$90.  If I needed an attorney in Colorado, I would definitely contact you.  This is a great service you provide.

Thanks Again, I really appreciate it.