What do I sue for here by mississippi state laws?

Legal Questions & AnswersCategory: CivilWhat do I sue for here by mississippi state laws?
candacer Staff asked 4 years ago

Hello, My name is Candace Ruffin From Hattiesburg Ms. My question is I purchased a 1999 Malibu in Oct,2013. I have call the seller several times,which whom has dealer licenses,but have yet to summit the title to this car. Last month, I contacted the title revenue in Jackson Ms, and they have issued two letters stating his licenses to sell cars would be suspended in 30 days. I then inform the seller I would be taken this matter to court after his 30 days is up with the revenue department. But I have no idea what to build my case on beside I need the title. What can I sue him for by mississippi state laws? cr39401@aol.com

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Legal_Eagle Staff answered 4 years ago

I must preface this by saying I am a Colorado lawyer.  Here in Colorado, depending on the value of the car, you could bring a case in small claims court.  You could sue for the value of the car.  If you win, you would get a judgment.  The dealer sounds judgment proof.  It might be that the dealer has an unpaid line of credit and cannot release title to you.  I am speculating.  What you really need is an order in equity forcing the dealer to provide you with title, something along the lines of specific performance.  Sometimes only courts that are higher up in rank have equitable powers.