What to do about a speeding ticket

Legal Questions & AnswersWhat to do about a speeding ticket
doturner Staff asked 4 years ago

My 23 yr old son got a speeding ticket yesterday evening 5/17/14. He was cited for driving 19 miles over the speed limit. He was driving 64 mph in a 45 mph speed zone. He said that he speeded up to get ahead on a driver weaving over to his lane and toward the side of the road. He told the officer than he was driving at the pace of traffic, but in his nervousness about being stopped by the police he forgot to mention his fear of being hit by the erratic driving of the person that had been driving beside him. My son usually drives slower than most people.  He has asperger syndrome, and what he has been taught by Monico’s Therapy on Wheel(driver’s ed for those with disabilities) and me his mother stay internalized. Someone told me he should plead Nolo Contendere.  What is the best thing for him to do in light of the points he will get for speeding. He has never go a speeding ticket before.                                                                                                                                 Thank you                                                                                                                             Dot