do i have a case?

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lraines08 Staff asked 5 years ago

It all started last year on March 7, 2014, when my landlord decided to move me in another unit due to me having an son and daughter and under HUD regulations for public housing when your child reach 2 he or she qualifies for another bedroom. however, my son was not 2 yet, but my landlord decided to put us in a different unit anyway despite the rules. she also gave me the keys before I even had my lights transferred to my new unit, in which she said that she wasn’t suppose to do. she than ask me to go to my utility company to get the electricity turn on. this was on a Friday. so on Monday morning I went back to her with my receipt and confirmation letter that stated I applied for electricity/water. she than stated that I did not have to pay the water. so I said ok and left it like that. under our lease it states” Residents of some public housing communities are responsible to arrange for and maintain utility service(s) in their unit. if you are responsible for any utilities service(s) and maintain such service(s) during the term of your occupancy. failure to maintain utility service(s) shall be considered a violation of this lease. such contract(s) is solely between you and the utility company. if you are responsible to arrange for and maintain utilities for your unit, you are required to sign addendum #14 of this lease. so despite this, I had no reason to believe her because it did not show up on my utility bill, and I have never received no eviction letter or letter stating that I had to pay for my water bill. so a year later march 2015, there is a new landlord, the old landlord left and went to another community. when it was time for me to do my annual recertification, he politely ask me how I was paying my water bill, as shock as I were, I said water bill Mrs. ???? said that I did not have to pay for water, he look shock and said really I said yes. and if I was required to pay for water why didn’t I receive any notices or eviction letter stating that? he said ok I will check on it and get back with you. so two days later, he call me and ask me to submit an statement and get my water turn on, I agreed and on Friday I got my water turn on and submit my statement. he stated that now the JHA board will look over the statement and they will send you a letter saying what my reimbursements are and schedule me to a hearing, I said ok. I really think I need a lawyer to look over my issue, but I’m not sure if I have a case here, if so what do I need to do to help me in my case? also I forgot to mention my neighbor lives right next to me , our unit are is attached together, receive the same letter, lol and we move in our units on different dates, but same year, so we both are going through this process. I have a confirmation of my water utility, and electricity and lease that we all had to keep signing at least every 4 months when the old landlord was there.