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rmendenhall Staff asked 6 years ago

I am property manager. My boss never told me about the drugs and parties and how difficult this property would be to manage and I live on site. I have evidence to support that when she managed the property she participated in the illegal activity in which she gave students alcohol. And set the tone for all the negative behavior. This property is advertised as student housing but anyone who qualifies can reside. It’s a liability mess to say the least. I have had threats from residents when I enforce community rules and call the police when I see illegal activity. I have expressed my fear to my boss several times and asked for security. I have even expressed my fear in an e-mail. I called the police yesterday because someone tried to come over the desk after me after sending the letter that a fine will be assessed to their account for loud music and smoking pot in their apartment. I called the police and the offender cannot come back on the property. This is just one of many incidents that occur on a daily basis. My boss told me to call the police if I don’t feel safe. She also said stop being afraid and don’t let the residents see the fear they can smell it. I have asked for security and she does not comment. Do I have a case if they fire me because I keep speaking up that I need support? Residents on the property would like the security due to the parties and drugs. What do I do? I really need my job but I feel like she is going to fire me because I am asking for help. I can tell she is upset with me but I am truly afraid for my safety and don’t know where to turn.