Maximum car policy

Silvia Staff asked 5 years ago

Hello I have a question I got hit by a car on June 2013, the car hit my knee and threw me to the street; I had laceration to my head with stitches. Because of the accident I had to have knee surgery and also a have 5 bulged back disk hurt. Been in therapy for a year already and the lawyer said that the insurance agreed to settle for only $25,000 that’s the maximum because that’s the lowest policy that the driver had. Now I been having a intensive headaches and told the lawyer not to accept the settlement yet, but he says that the insurance won’t pay more even if I have head injury because the highest that they’ll pay is $25,000 for that policy. I would like to know if my lawyer is telling me the truth or he just wants to end the case already, can I argue the insurance for more money if I have head injury?