Trespassing question.

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r19horner82 Staff asked 6 years ago

I am a residental alcohol courier in London, ON, CA.
One of my regular customers lives in the basement apartment of a house and has lived there for many years (all of which I have been delivering there). My customer is disabled and can’t get around very well. After apparently not paying his rent for the last month or 2, the owner of the property has become irritated towards my customer and wants to take it out on me. He told me last week that I would not be “allowed” to park in his driveway anymore, meanwhile laughing the whole time, knowing that he lives at a busy intersection with no legal parking anywhere close.
Today, I was called to the residence for my customers usual order. I parked in the driveway and the home owner informed me that he would be calling police next time and charging me with trespassing.
My question, would parking in the driveway be considered trespassing, when I was called to the residence?
I don’t care about their feud, I’m just trying to do my job.

chrisleroi Staff replied 6 years ago

The home owner could call the police, but I can virtually guarantee you that they would not cite you for trespassing. Yes, technically the driveway and front lawn are the home owner’s. However, at most you would be given a warning. You basically also have a “choice of evils” argument – park in his driveway or illegally double park on the public streets and create a traffic hazard. So, no copy in her/his right mind would ticket you.