Will i be able to get a claim for my injurys

Legal Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsWill i be able to get a claim for my injurys
Shorty2701 Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi I was in an accident a month ago and was only one injured. I was also arrested because of an unpaid fine which was given the option pay or stay. I was the only one injured from the accident because when the airbag deployed the plastic piece on shearing wheel hit me in the face. The arresting officers/officers on scene kept reasurring me they’d take me to the hospital after my statement. One even noticed the signs of concussion I had and in the end they never ended up taking me to the emergency. I even wrote in my statement that my head hurt and their were multiple goose eggs. I wasn’t able to deal with my accident because the following day I had to go to work for a month. Now they had sent me my money but have no received it and I am wondering if I am able to do something about my medicinal costs because my nose cracks… Has a bump and a scar and I have a feeling its going to affect me in the long term.