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For immediate release: The launch of is made on February 22, 2014.

This is a free site. The purpose of this site is for consumers and businesses to ask legal questions and for attorneys to post answers. An attorney directory will be compiled over time. The directory will include your profile and link to your site so users can connect with you if they so chose.

In addition, a forms database is being put together for the use of licensed attorneys. There is also a private blog for attorneys.

Unlike other sites, there will be no advertising. This site will remain free. Identities of consumers and businesses will not be sold.

You must register to post questions and answers. Consumers and Businesses need only provide an email address.

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  1. Hello sir/Madam,

    I recently bought a town house. The previous owner had a patio shed in his back yard. I have been now living in this house for 4 months, now the property manager sent me a letter asking me to remove the patio shed in one month time else it will be removed in owner expenses. Does HOA has rights? I have also seen few more units have that type of shed. How can I move it legally?

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